House of Sticks is a Dallas video production company. We make commercials, videos, films, website development and iOS builds. We want to spend our time caring about the things God cares about, which is people. The things we make are a result of our commitment to you. Winning people through relationships, not events but extended ability to do work together. Content is king, collaboration is queen. When you have a project that matters to you because it is something near and dear to your heart or it is a matter of revenue generation for your business, you need the best Dallas video production company working for you. Call us today!

Film is the gateway to get the conversation started.


  • SabreUX-featured


    video /

  • Patron Tequila


    video / food / product

  • thumbnail_catc-advent


    video / church / non profit

  • Collin Street Bakery video production company

    Collin Street Bakery v2

    video / food / product

  • Next worldwide video production

    NEXT 10

    video / church / non profit

  • thumbnail_vickery

    Vickery Magnolia

    photo / architect

  • professional video production collin street bakery

    Collin Street Bakery

    video / food

  • HoS2015_demoReel

    2015 Demo Reel

    video / demo reel

  • Sewell-ford_sq

    Sewell TVC

    video / TVC

  • law firm web development

    Nelbum Web

    web / legal

  • nelbum_500px

    Nelbum Brand

    brand / legal

  • matilda


    photo / architect

  • Video made with adobe clip iPhone 6+ and a little fun

    Slide Stone Slide

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  • venntech

    Venn Tech

    video / animated / video

  • 2014-demo-reel

    2014 Demo Reel

    video / demo reel

  • worldview 500px


    web / ministry / web design